This FAQ provides basic questions and answers.
If you have further questions, please reach out to us from Contact.


When do you start an application?

Pre-open is scheduled for the beginning of 2018 and we will start taking an application at the same time. If you have questions about entry and progress of the project, please contact us anytime.


Do you have minimum stay?

Our shared house is basicaly avairable from 1 month stay. However, if you wish for a shorter stay, please contact us for more information.


I’m not Japanese citizen. Do I need any documents for my application?

Please bring your Passport and another ID. If you are a long term resident we will need your visa as well. Also, we are going to do a screening for all applicants with a check sheet.


Is it possible for 2 people to stay in one room?

Of course. We will have a room for two.


I am not really good at Japanese. Is there Language support?

We have English speakers and French speakers to assist your stay.


Can I hold a party at the exhibition space of the shared house?

Yes. However, events and parties held at the exhibition space have to be planned with our management staff in order to maintain a good relationship with shared mates and neighbors.


I like the interior. I am not an artist, but can I apply?

Of course! We welcome people who understand and like the concept of Neo House Tokyo even if you are not an artist.


What type of securities do you have? Is there a key for a private room?

Yes. There will also be a key on the main entrance door. We are carefully taking care of the security plan.


How many baths do you have?

We expect one Japanese styled bath, and one shower room.


Do you have any rules for the shared area? (i.e. cleaning, garbage duty)

The shared area will be cleaned regularly by staff. For garbage management, a garbage room will be available in the shared house, and then management staff will be taking care of them.


I am interested in local communication. Can I work at Neo House Tokyo.

We are looking for individuals who can work for Neo House Tokyo and plan art events with us. Please contact us for more information.

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