Project Members

Neo House Tokyo is produced with professionals from various fields. We are planning all sorts of exhibitions and events with temples, stores, and galleries in Nerima in addition to the below core members. Not only inside the shared house, but beyond its borders as well, a plethora of experiences with local residents will be waiting for you.

Tsuneo Shimizu


Tsuneo ShimizuCEO of Neo Creation., ltd(Senior registered
architect office)

With my experiences of architecture and space design, I would like to work on new projects which will be introduced to local communities through architectural concept. Neo House Tokyo will be the community for everyone that goes beyond the limit of a shared house. We are honored to support building communication between shared house residents and the local neighborhood.



Asuka IshigamiCEO of Gigo Lab., ltd(Artist Agency between
Japan and France)

I am working at an artist agency to create a new vision of shared house by supporting artists mainly in Japan and France. In producing Neo House Tokyo, I would love to support artists to experience their own exhibition and communication with Japan’s local artists. I will be very glad if you enjoy a “live, create, communicate” experience and spend precious time in this shared house.



Yoshinori Onuma

Based on my experience in designing commercial space, office and public buildings, my design aims to accept and embrace diversified values. I hope Neo House serves as a comfortable space for those who visit — not only the residents, but locals and event participants — and I hope to assist that experience through designing space.

Air de Malice

France PR Support

Air de Malice(communication &
event agency)

We are a France-Japanese team, based in Paris, specializing in projects between France and Japan, especially around crafts, lifestyle and design. We’ve immediately liked the concept of Neo House Tokyo and we are delighted to contribute to its promotion in France. We hope that many french people visit this share house and discover inexpected aspectes of Japan, Tokyo.

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