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How can I rent a room?

Please fill in the rental application form you can find on the website of Neo House Tokyo and send it to us via email. You can check the details of the application process on the website.


Is there a minimum amount of time I need to stay?

We basically rent the rooms to people who stay for a month or longer.


I have a foreign passport. Are there any documents I need when I try to rent a room?

We will be probing the background of all the potential applicants before they are allowed to rent a room. Necessary documents will vary depending on your purpose of stay and the visa you are planning to get, so please contact us when you make the application.


Can the private room be shared by two people?

We have rooms for two people, so please ask us for the availability.


I’m not very good at Japanese. Would there be staffs who speak foreign languages?

We have staffs who are fluent in English and French, so please do not be worried.


What kind of exhibitions and workshops can be organized in the gallery?

Although the gallery is designed in a way that any kinds of exhibitions can take place, there may be exceptions including ones that have big sounds. Please consider your housemates and your neighbors when planning out an exhibition, and we will help you decide the details.


How is the security ensured? Do the rooms have locks?

All the rooms and the entrance has a lock. Home Security System is also installed in the house to prevent crime.


Do you have any rules regarding the shared facility space (e.g. cleaning rules)?

The managers of the share house will regularly clean and manage the shared facility space. However, we will ask the residents to cooperate to fulfill the minimum cleaning requirements such as garbage. We will explain to you in details before you start living in the house.


I’m interested in art and interacting in the local community. Can I work in Neo House Tokyo?

We are always recruiting people who can help us manage Neo House Tokyo or can help us organize art events. Please contact us if you are interested!

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