Before you start living in the house

What will be asked/explained in the online interview
Confirming visa/purpose of stay/hope or will to organize exhibitions and workshops (and explaining its fee), answering applicant’s questions. We will clarify any doubts and questions in this interview.
Necessary documents
Visa, residence card, pass port, student ID, etc. The documents you will need to hand in would differ depending on your purpose of stay. However, we will ask you to submit a document to confirm your identity.
Applying from Japan
You may visit our share house to take tour before you apply for it. If you like the share house, you may apply for it (submit documents) and take an interview on the spot.

Room availability

RoomsCapacity of roomAreaRental feeManagement feeRoom availabilities

– Management fee includes utility bill (water and electricity bill). It will slightly differ depending on the season.
– The deposit would be worth one month of the rent. The deposit will be returned to the resident when you leaves the house, after withdrawing the cleaning fee and the repair cost.


Please apply for the share house from the application form.

application form

Event and exhibition information

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