Neo House Tokyo is a house share project which aims to renovate empty houses into a livable, residential house that will be loved by many people.
Residents can organize their own exhibitions, participate in workshops, or socialize with the locals. This share house will provide you the opportunity to have the authentic Tokyo experience by interacting with the locals and getting to know the city a lot deeper.

Art × Borderless

Residents will be able to organize their own exhibitions and workshops in this house. The living room is also the gallery, and was designed and built reflecting real voices of artists. Even for foreign artists who might have difficulty promoting their work and finding galleries, they can exhibit their artworks as they live in Japan.
The residence is perfectly comfortable to live, but the sophisticated design enables it to get together with the surrounding community and the neighborhood.

Lifestyle × Borderless

Furthermore, this house reaches out to the local community and other guests who do not live in the house by hosting various events. It will be a one-of-a-kind living experience where you can interact with the Japanese locals.
Not only that Neo House Tokyo transcends the borders between artists and those who are not, it also goes beyond nationality, religion, gender and sexuality (LGBTQ).
People with various and different backgrounds can live together in this house.

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